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Bhutan Tour

Bhutan also called the country of thunder dragon is a landlocked country that lies in the heart of the eastern Himalayas in between Tibet to the north and India in other directions. The kingdom of Bhutan has total area of about 47,000 square kilometers. The vast geography of the land ranges from the fertile lowlands in the south to the high Tibetan plateaus in the north direction up to 7,300 meter.

Language and tradition: 

Due to the geography and the remoteness there are still many dialects that thrive in the country. Dzongkha is the official language of Bhutan. In Bhutan Men and women are getting equal opportunity hence not affected by the gender or rank. Bhutenese people wear their treaditional dress as official dress where men wear a Gho and women wear Kira. Men also wear a small belt named Kera in theirwaist. They also wear traditional ornaments made out of the coral, pears, turquoise and the precious dzi beads.

People and religion:

Drukpa are the indigenous people of Bhutan of which three main ethnic group are the Sharchops, the Ngalops, and the Lhotsamps people. Among all these peoples the Sharchops originated first who migrated from Northern Burma and northeast India. Today the population of Bhutan is approximately 750,000 peoples. Bhutanese people are the only population in the world today who believe the tantric form of the Mahayana Buddhism. The main diet of these people is diet rich in meat, dairy, grains and vegetables. Majority of the Bhutnese people live in the rural villages and depends upon farming for their livelihood.


Bhutanese people celebrate the annual festivals like Tshechus and Dromchoes which are the spiritual occasions dedicated to the Guru Rinpoche.   


Paro Tour

Paro tour to Bhutan will introduce you to the glimpse of Bhutan taking you to the historical city of Paro and ancient capital city of Bhutan. In this cultural and adventurous trip you will get to visit different Dzongs (forts), exotic scenery and cultural beauty of Bhutan. 


Laya Gasa Tour

Laya Gasa Tour: This route takes one upstream along the Paro Chu and the ancient caravan route to Tibet, Through the Seo Valley deep into the shadows of Mt. Chomolari 7314m, Mt. Jitchu Drake 7000m and over Nele La Pass 4250m into Lingshi Valley. The inhabitants of these tow valleys are nomads subsisting almost entirely on the produce and products of sheep and yaks. 

Snowman Tour

Snowman trek is one of the most challenging and adventurous trek in Bhutan which passes over eleven high passes over 4,500m defining the Tibet Bhutan border. This trek is the finest and idyllic trek for those who want to explore the high Himalayan and experience the Tibetan culture, traditions and lifestyle. This adventurous trek offers the most spectacular Himalayan views and beautiful scenery. The trek takes you to the most remote area of the Bhutan.