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Nepal: Travel Information

Nepal Travel Information

Nepal is a landlocked country lying between 80º 4' and 88º 12' east longitude and 26º 22' north latitude surrounded by china in the north and India in the East west and south direction. Nepal is a small country with an area of 147181 sq kilometers mainly subdivided into three geographical zone namely Himalayan region Hilly region and Terai region ranging from far north to south along east west direction.Himalayan Region 15 percent of the total land of the country comprises of the Himalayan region the region of snow-capped mountains in the northern part with altitude ranging from 4,877m to 8,848 m offering homage to the 8 world highest peaks above the 8,000 meters namely Mt Everest 8,848m Kanchenjunga 8,586m, Lhotse 8,516m, Makalu 8,463m, Cho-you 8,201m, Dhaulagiri 8,167 m, Manasalu 8,163 m and Annapurna I 8,091 m. The Hilly region enfolds the largest section of the country with total of 68 percent of total land. The altitude ranges from the 610 to 4,877 meters. Terai Region: This region enfolds 17 percent of the total land of the country. The region comprises of cultivated lands and thick forests. 

Nepal is a multicultural, mulch-lingual country with more than 60 ethnic people speaking 70 different dialects. The Hinduism and Buddhism are the two main religion followed in Nepal. Nepal is a live example of the religious tolerance where all the people belonging to different religions and races live in harmony. The founder of Buddhism Gautama Buddha was born on Lumbini in Nepal.

Climate in Nepal vary according to the elevation ranging from Tropical in the Terai to the alpine in the Himalayan region to north. Nepal mainly offers four major seasons, namely, winter extending from December-February, Spring extending from March-May, summer extending from June-August and autumn that extends from September-November. The climate ranges from 32 F to 115 F in the Terai Region; 0 F to 74 F in the Hill Region, and from -25 F to 60 F in the Himalayan region. 

Winter in Nepal is very cold and dry with a little of rainfall in the hilly region and snowfall in the Himalayan region where as the Terai is cold with heavy dew fall. The Himalayan Region receives heavy snowfall during the monsoon season and most of the mountain peak are covered with thick snow with no or a little of alpine vegetation. Whereas, hilly region offers very favorable climate and vegetation all round the year. In context of the Terai region the temperature is humid all round the year with the minimum temperature of 32 F in winter and maximum of 115 F in the summer season.  

Nepal also offers a wide range of Vegetation like Subtropical, Tropical, and Temperate, Alpine vegetation that also depends up on the elevation. Terai region in Nepal offers fertile land that is suitable for the crop farming and inhibits thick tropical Sal, Sisau forests.  Hilly region also supports varieties of crops but by virtue of the low temperature the life-cycle of the crops is lengthy. There are thick temperate pine, oak, juniper and Rhododendron forest in the hilly region. The lower border of the Himalayan region supports Alpine forest but beside tree line the thick snow covered land suits some bushes only. Nepal is the second richest country in Context of water resources. Country is also naturally rich and has recorded more than 6000 rivers and rivulets many of which are snow feed originated from high a Himalaya and flows with great speeds downstream. 

Nepal is a very graceful and beautiful country with multidimensional features and can be visited all the year round. Nepal is a country of varied rich cultures and vivacious traditions that enfolds many wonderful ancient temples and monuments. 

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is an activity and an excellent way to explore the eternal beauty of the Himalaya & their peoples. The Col. Jimmy Roberts in the early 1960s lead the way for the first time for trekking in Nepal. Today most of the Traveler visiting in Nepal prefers trek to different famous trekking destination in Nepal.

Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak climbing in Nepal is another popular adventure sports after mountaineering in Nepal. Nepal is a Himalayan kingdom with 1,310 peaks over 5,500 meter above the sea level. 

Tour in Nepal

Nepal is culturally an amazing country of great Himalayas, pristine forests, Lush valleys, turquoise lakes, high falls, deep Georges, swift flowing Rivers, age old monuments, heritage sites and many more. Nepal is the birth place of lord Buddha, gifted with rich natural and cultural heritages. The country is most beautiful and falls under world's naturally most beautiful places.

Jungle Safari in Nepal

Jungle safari tour in Nepal is an idyllic trip for those who want to explore the most exciting wilderness trip to the isolated and wilderness zones of Nepal. Nepal offers an exotic jungle safari tour in some of the selected 

Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal is one of the major adventure activities to be done in Nepal. Nepal is the country of great Himalayas and swift flowing rivers has become reputed country in Context of the white water rafting.

Mountain Expedition in Nepal

Nepal the country of mighty Himalayas is no doubt best destination for the Mountaineers for Expedition. The country is incomparable in context of the towering and the most challenging Himalayan peaks.

Hiking in Nepal

Hiking in Nepal is not just walking for longer distance, in Nepal hiking means walking in a trail either for long or short distance being close to the nature. Some people visiting Nepal even hike for a day,

Adventure Sports in Nepal

Nepal is a country of high Himalayas, rapid rivers, deepest Georges, beautiful landscapes, pristine forests and many more. Nepal is no doubt an idyllic country for adventure and fun holidays. 

Special Tour Nepal

Special Tour in Nepal: Nepal is a multi cultural country in the world. The different type of religious peoples living and they have own their culture, history, lifestyle. Since long time ago there are many temples and monuments in Kathmandu.

Mountain Biking in Nepal

Mountain biking in Nepal offers ample of options ranging from the most pleasant biking in Terai and hills to the most challenging mountainous terrains. There are ample of options for mountain biking

Nepal Flight Ticket Booking

Lukla is a small Sherpa village in the Khumbu area of Solukhumbu District  Situated  on 2,860 M (9383 ft ) above sea level where The place of many Trekkers Destitations. Now a days it is a popular place for visitors to the Himalayas near Mount Everest to arrive trekking junction with many lodging options, shops and trekking luggage to buy or rent, tourists and trekkers, providing western-style meals and trail supplies.  Lukla is the gateway that leads to the great Khumbu region including the highest Mt. Everest. Is also the entrance to the Sagarmatha national park. From Kathmandu to Lukla flight, We can see 18 of the highest peaks are visible in the clear weather in which 4 of them are above 8000m.

The Time will Take to Reach Lukla is (35 min) the Tenzing Hillary airport from Kathmandu. There are other domestic airlines also operating flights from Kathmandu to Lukla.


Nepal Vehicle Rental

Crown Himalaya treks offers Vehicle rental service in Nepal. You need vehicles such as car, jeep, van, tourist bus, coaster etc as a means of transportation while you are in a holiday. We offer vehicles in reliable cost with professional driver inside Kathmandu and all around Nepal.

We have regular service of vehicle rental in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini and other road accessible area of Nepal. Depending on your group size and budget, we offer deluxe car, jeep or van to our customer.    

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