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Festival Tour in Nepal

Nepal a country flourished with variety of culture and religion is one of the most beautiful naturally and culturally country of the world. The best thing about Nepal is the festival and cultural programs we celebrate. There are more festivals in Nepal then the months in a year. With fascinating Himalaya scene, cultural villages and entire wilderness of natural serene. Nepal is the home of delighted architectural palaces and ancient heritage sites. Also enjoy the mixed cultural programs and delighted festival in Nepal.

Some of the popular festival celebrated in Nepal are Dashain, Tihar. These most important Hindu cultural festival are celebrated with fascinating style and enthusiasm. Festival in Nepal flows for 10 to 15 days. During these days people worships different deities and shrines. Enjoy the festival tour in Nepal along with natural sightseeing ad historical site sightseeing. Festival tour in Nepal has gained a lot of popularity among the tourists because of its charismatic and exotic sightseeing and exploration around. Enjoy the cultural festivals and explore the natural and cultural sights of Nepal.



Curd Festival in Sindhupalchok

The most amazing festival is "Curd Festival" of Tauthali. The participants of this festival celebrates by playing, chasing and splashing each other and visitors with curd in their way to the temple "Tripura Sundari Mai". Everyone takes it as fair, no-matter either they are friends or strangers, rich or poor, man or woman, children and elders.


Dashain Festival Tour

Dashain Festival Tour a touring package into Nepal at the time of the most important festival of Hindu culture. This fascinating festival tour celebrated at the time of Sept to Oct according to Lunar Calendar is celebrated with flowers, colors and blessings. Dashain is celebrated for 15 days and prayed for goddess Durga the destroyer of the Evil. 


Tihar Festival Tour

Tihar Festival tour, the designed tour into the Himalaya home of the world is one of the best touring destinations for cultural and natural sightseeing and exploration. Tihar the festival of Lights and flower is one of the most important Hindu cultural festivals in Nepal. The festival falls during the month of October-November. The festival is celebrated for five days, beginning from the 13th days of the waning moon in October-November.