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Simikot Kailash Trek

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Simikot Kailash Trek:Mount Kailash (6,714 m) is the highest peak of the Kailash Himalaya range and lies at the southern part of the Tibet. Mount Kailash is the most popular Hindu pilgrimage site dedicated to Hindu deity of destruction lord Shiva. According to a Hindu holy book it is believed that the Mt. Kailash is the ultimate home of Lord Shiva where he resides with his wife goddess Gauri. The mountain has religious significant in Hinduism and Buddhism and is believed to be formed 30 million years ago at the time of the formation of the great Himalaya range.

Mt. Kailash is also considered to be the pillar of the world where the world revolves round it. Mt. Kailash is the most beautiful and majestic mountain in the world. The mountain lies in the isolated Himalaya part wholly into the Tibet. Likewise, Mansarovar is the holiest lake spread out in the Tibetan plateaus in the south west corner of the Tibet 20 kilometer beside Mt. Kailash. This alpine lake is cobalt blue in color but some times during the storm it turns into black. The surrounding of the lake is filled with the picturesque scenery of the unique vegetation and topography of the Tibetan plateau. It's believed that Mayadevi the mother of Gautama Buddha was made bath in the lake before giving birth to the baby. It is also believed that one who visit the Mt. Kailash and bath in the Mansarovar will wash away all his sins and bring salvation.    


Day 01 : Fly to Nepalgunj One night hotel.

Day 02: Fly to Simikot trek to Darapari

Day 03 :Trek to Salikhola

Day 04 :Trek to Yalbang Gompa/ Mochu by the Karnali river

Day 05 : Trek to Tumkot Khola/Pani pal bang

Day 06 :Trek to Thado Dunga/ Narala Phidi

Day 07 : Trek over Nara La Pass (4325 m) to camp at Hilsa /Taklakot

Day 08: Trek half an hour to Sher drive to Taklakot, settle all formalities / Visit LhamoYutok monastery

Day 09: Drive to Manasarovar Lake

Day 10 : Explore Manasarovar Lake

Day 11 : Drive to Tirthapuri afternoon explores Tirthapuri area.

Day 12: Explore Tirthapuri and Gurugem.

Day 13 : Drive to Tholing.

Day 14: Explore Tholing monastery and Tsaprang Castle .

Day 15: Drive to Mense.

Day 16 : Drive to Darchen.

Day 17 : Trek to Dira Phuk gomba

Day 18: Trek over Dolma La pass [5630m] camp at Khando Shanglham.

Day 19 : Trek to Darchen.

Day 20 : Explore Seralung and Gyangtak Monastery.

Day 21 : Drive to Hor Manas Lake

Day 22 : Drive to Paryang

Day 23 : Drive to Saga

Day 24: Drive to Nyalam

Day 25 :Drive to Kathmandu

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